Creative Writing/Art: TON

We will be adding a number of short creative writing pieces/art/photography to our website. If you have written something that is reflective of your personal experiences as it relates to Tent of Nations or the Israeli/Palestinian situation, please send it in and we will consider adding it. We are looking for poetry, short stories, short essays, photographs, etc. Send your contributions to Kay Plitt at:”

We will be aslo adding one poem each month from the Women’s Education Center booklet, Where I Am From…. You can find out how to make a donation to FOTONNA/TON in order to receive a complimentary copy of the entire set of poems at Take Action – Books: TON.

12Feb 2018

Rihab _____, 43 Where I Am From… I am from this big world. From this childhood, deprivation and affection. From a loved, affectionate and faithful family. I am from a warm winter full of heavy rain. From a wonderful summer and shining sun. I am from fear, suppression, anger and fearful voices during the dark […]

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