Kay Plitt – Director of Finance/Communication

Kay works part-time with The Reading Connection, a small non-profit that serves at-risk children in the DC/Maryland/Virginia communities by providing free books and lessons for the parents and their support workers on how to read and choose good books. She is kept busy with her volunteer work with FOTONNA and the Urban Alternatives Foundation.

The first involvement Kay had with Daoud was indirect. Bill Plitt and Bill Mims had visited the farm on their trip in November 2006 and spent a year pondering how to support TON along with Mark Braverman and Steve France. When they decided to create Friends of Tent of Nations North America as a non-profit organization, it was a natural fit to agree to serve as Director of Finance as she had experience in that area. She needed little persuasion, as the passion for the work of Peace with Justice in Israel/Palestine that these four men felt was ‘contagious.’

Kay hasn’t traveled to Israel/Palestine, but she has accompanied Daoud and Jihan on many of the US tours. Instead of going on a tour herself, she supports IFPB group tours with scholarship money for college students so they can go.