Latest Tour Update

In this section, you will find information on what took place on the latest tour in the U.S.  Each tour is unique, but they all share one thing in common:  The spirit and energy and deep faith of Daoud Nassar and his family inspires and renews hope in every individual touched by their story.  This is a journey of faith, hope and love.

Dear friends of Tent of Nations, – August 2018 – NEW

I am sorry that we have not kept this site alive for our more than three thousand supporters. We have been busy this summer arranging for the whole Nassar family (Daoud and Jihan’s immediate family) to participate in a brief tour in the Cincinnati area, thanks for the good work of Advisory Council member, Jim Beck.

Daoud and Jihan also were invited by the Human Rights staff at the Carter Center to speak about peacemaking. They were joined by 70 other fellow peacemakers from 27 different countries. Daoud shared his story, and from those who heard the speech, in contrast to the other four panelists, they were inspired by the absence of his words of victimhood and despair. 

In the coming weeks, when our editor is back “on the job”, we will report on the exciting summer activities on the farm, and share more details on the memorable experience at the Carter Center, when Daoud and Jihan had dinner with President Carter, and shared his story once again, farmer to farmer! Stay tuned. BP”

Summary of Spring 2018 Tour – March 2018

 The following captures the events that took place during the Spring 2018 Tour.  We want to thank every person who helped put together an incredibly full itinerary and supported the FOTONNA team in every way possible.  Extra thanks go to the hosts and hostesses, drivers, event leaders and food preparers.  We can’t do it without you!  And, the presence of so many people who came to hear the story of Tent of Nations was inspirational to say the least; thank you for your time and energy.

 Please continue to spread the word, and if you haven’t yet gone, we hope to see many of you on the farm sometime soon.  It was very rewarding to see so many hands go up when asked, “Have you been to Palestine?”  “Have you been to the farm?”  It was like being amongst old friends!


D.C. Meetings Included:

Meetings with Senators Warner and Cantwell and senior staffs

Meeting with Senator Patti Murray’s aide

Meeting with Senator Kaine’s legislative aide

Meeting with Senator Sander’s policy aide


  • We appreciated the senators’ senior staffs who appeared encouraged by the simple message “we refuse to be enemies” and agreed to write a letter of support should there be an emergency on the Land
  • We have a perception, which was confirmed by several of the staffers with whom we spoke, that there is an opportunity to move progressive lawmakers out of the status quo of bipartisan unconditional support for Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians.
  • We came away from these two days of meetings with the feeling that we had actually brought happiness and hope to people.

Tour Itinerary:

  1. Central Christian Church dinner/presentation – Mesa, AZ – 170 people
  2. Mountain View Presbyterian Church presentation during education hour – Scottsdale, AZ – 75
  • Luncheon/ informal presentation with leaders following formal presentation – 20
  1. Faith United Methodist Church presentation – Phoenix, AZ – 30
  • Dinner with leaders from congregation after presentation – 10
  1. Church of the Palms – Sun City, AZ – 75
  • Private evening reception at Durbin’s house following morning presentation – 20
  1. Pinnacle Presbyterian Church – Scottsdale, AZ – 75
  • Private party for leaders before presentation- 10
  1. Brophy College Preparatory Academy – Tucson, AZ – 20
  2. YWCA of Tucson of Arizona Palestinian Alliance – 95
  • Breakfast at home of Palestinian American for leadership members – 15
  1. Islamic Community Center, Public event – Phoenix, AZ – 100
  • Private dinner/presentation for golf “buddies” – 12

Synopsis of Events:

  • Most large group presentations included a pre-presentation or follow-up meal and conversation with leaders.
  • Sold a large number of books and increased email list totaling 115 – a record.
  • Many voiced statements like, “I am encouraged by the work you are doing,” or “I am going to see for myself,” or “I’d like to volunteer on the land and apply for a scholarship.”
  • When a speaker asked many mature volunteers in the audience, “Where are the younger persons needed to ‘go and see’ and volunteer on the land?” a young 8-year-old waved her hands and said, “Here I am!”
  • Held the first presentation in a Mosque with local community invited.
  •  Two sites recorded the presentation (the mosque and at Central Church).

 “Time out” on the way to Tucson event to observe ruins of an early civilization to learn about their sophisticated culture


                      Palestinian farmer picks all the oranges

                          on a host family’s tree in record time.

Beth shares “her story” and introduces Daoud

        at her own church in Sun City, AZ