Latest Tour Update

In this section, you will find information on what took place on the latest tour in the U.S.  Each tour is unique, but they all share one thing in common:  The spirit and energy and deep faith of Daoud Nassar and his family inspires and renews hope in every individual touched by their story.  This is a journey of faith, hope and love.

Fall 2017 Tour Update

I am happy to report that after a very successful October 9-24, 2017 tour in Washington, DC, metropolitan Seattle, Washington and Wilmington and Cary, North Carolina, Daoud and Jihan arrived safely on the 26th at their home in Bethlehem.  Jihan had spoken at a women’s conference sponsored by Tree of Life at Cape Cod while Daoud was on tour.  The day after they arrived home, both met visiting groups to the farm to tell the family story, of course.

This tour was an experiment in partnering with another organization whose mission is much broader than FOTONNA’s.  Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP), under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Mae Cannon and her staff, planned much of the tour in collaboration with FOTONNA’s Tour Coordinator, Beth Moore.

The tour was comprised of three general locations, as mentioned above.  Twelve different sites were visited during the ten days of the tour, including dinner meetings.  There was a range of 20-70 attendees at the larger sites, with an average of around 50 people overall, and 10-12 people at each of the dinner meetings.  At each of the larger sites, we found that many participants had visited the farm, including the Bellevue, Washington site where over 2/3 of the audience of 60 people had traveled to the land at least once.  There were around five “veterans” at every site who had “gone and seen.”

Bill Plitt traveled with Daoud and CMEP on the Washington leg of the tour.  In the role as FOTONNA’s Executive Director, he met with members of the Israel/Palestine Mission Network in Everett, WA and provided an update on the latest information about the Nassar Family Farm and the accomplishments of volunteers to the Tent of Nations this past year.


PUBLIC TOUR SCHEDULE | October 16-22, 2017


Monday, October 16 – National Community Church
Tuesday, October 17 – Washington National Cathedral


Wednesday, October 18 – University Presbyterian Church
Thursday, October 19 – Bellevue Presbyterian Church
Friday, October 20 – Seattle First United Methodist Church


Saturday, October 21 – Harbor United Methodist Church – Wilmington, NC
Sunday, October 22 – Harbor United Methodist Church – Wilmington, NC
Sunday, October 22 – St. Francis United Methodist Church – Cary, NC

Throughout the tour, it was great to see familiar faces as well as connect with some new supporters. Daoud told his story with his usual grace and humility, and even for those who were familiar with the story, there were new elements related to the court cases, in particular, that people wanted to hear.  His message of faith, hope and love never gets old or outdated.  He embodies those three symbols in the life he leads, challenging each of us in turn to respect what that means in our own lives.

With gratitude for all of your support –
FOTONNA Steering Committee