Sample Phone Call Script


I am   xxxxx ,  residing at xxxxx and I am calling regarding the dire situation being faced by the Nassar family, who own a farm in Area C of the West Bank, 5 miles southwest of Bethlehem.  Since October 7, the farm has been under increased threat of land confiscation, and the family faces daily harassment and intimidation from Israeli military and settlers. Roads are being built around and through their property, and an illegal outpost is being created adjacent to their farm.

The Nassar family has been engaged in a 33-year long legal struggle in Israeli Military and Supreme courts to maintain ownership of the farm which has been in their family since 1916.  The Israeli military court has continually postponed or cancelled hearings and delayed a decision.  The 11th hearing is scheduled for July 2, and it is crucial that it be held.

The Nassar’s ownership of their land is clear and well-documented. The current situation heightens the urgency for these delays to end and the re-registration recognizing the Nassar’s ownership of all their land be completed.

I am asking you to contact the State Department and request that they do the following:
1.  Pressure COGAT to hold the July 2 hearing and come to a decision that confirms the Nassar ownership of all their land as delimited in their Re-registration Case Nos. 3714/2 and 3715/2
2.   Ask them to support the Nassars by attending the scheduled July 2, 2024, hearing at the military compound at Beit El (north of Ramallah).
3.  Extend protection to the Nassar farm by asking the Office of Palestinian Affairs to schedule regular visits to Tent of Nations including those by Congressional members visiting Israel.

Thank you for your attention to my request, I would be glad to speak with you and provide further information. I look forward to hearing from you regarding your action.

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