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FOTONNA/TON Winter 2018 Newsletter   Dear Friends, Please check out the following: Daoud will be traveling in Arizona with Beth Moore and Bill Plitt for the Spring 2018 Tour. Here is the schedule of presentations. WE REFUSE TO BE ENEMIES A conversation with Daoud Nassar, Palestinian Christian farmer and Director of Tent of Nations. Located […]

In June, three members of the Franciscan society, a group of related mendicant religious orders within the Catholic Church, founded in 1209 by Saint Francis of Assisi, applied for scholarships to travel to the Holy Land and visit the holy sites there as well to work as volunteers at the Tent of Nations for two-three […]

Tent of Nations Lutheran Palestinian brothers welcome all to family farm Wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to shade himself from the early May sun, Daoud Nassar strolls down the dusty path on his family’s 101-year-old hilltop farm. In every direction he looks, he can see the ever-expanding Israeli settlements with their white multistory buildings […]

Suad ________, 49 Where I Am From…   I am from the countryside, Close to the manger of Jesus Christ, And the place where Mohammad ascended. I am from the innocent childhood, From the fields of oranges, olives, and za’tar. The birds are singing every morning, From above the olive trees That are holding tight to […]

Dear Friends, VOLUNTEERING: High school students look for gap-year experiences; retired people look for short-term volunteer projects; college students look for international travel experiences for credit or for internships; people between jobs look for something new and different to add to their résumés; many people are searching for meaningful ways to make a difference in […]

Rihab _____, 43 Where I Am From… I am from this big world. From this childhood, deprivation and affection. From a loved, affectionate and faithful family. I am from a warm winter full of heavy rain. From a wonderful summer and shining sun. I am from fear, suppression, anger and fearful voices during the dark […]

Season’s Greetings from the Nassar Family and FOTONNA December 2017 Pine Tree Planted by Beverly Hunter at TON – TON Volunteer; FOTONNA Advisory Council Member In Memoriam – November 2017 December 15, 2017   Dear Friends, Greetings from Bethlehem. It is a very difficult and critical time we are going through these days. Hopelessness and […]

Maitha’ _______, 38 Where I Am From…   I am from peace and anxiety, I am from the roar of the waterfall, I am from the tramp of feet on the bridge. On the other side of the bridge, My grandmother was watching; The vineyards, olive trees, hanoun and wildflowers. From where am I? From a deep […]

Tent of Nations People Building Bridges November 15, 2017   Friends – This will be less a Newsletter and more an update on items of importance at this time.  I will keep it brief. WEBSITE UPDATE: We have finally updated the FOTONNA website.  Our apologies for taking so long to do this!  You will find […]

Abstract The political and economic geography of occupied Palestinian territory presents significant constraints to the livelihoods of Palestinian families. And yet the story of many Palestinian families is one not of resignation but of steadfastness and resistance. This article explores this as an important example of civil resistance. It begins by building a theoretical case […]

Sahar _____, 35 Where I Am From…  I am a girl of the mountains, A girl of Palestine, A girl of hope… From my beautiful childhood and successful life From something that is not something, Whenever there is a window that is closed, God opens another window in the sky, From where am I…? From […]

Except for the COVID-19 pandemic time since March 2020, volunteers have always been needed for  to help out on the Nassar family farm. As soon as travel is possible again, post-pandemic, international volunteers will be needed and welcomed again. Stay tuned for announcements when travel re-opens! In addition to supporting the actual work carried out […]

Tent of Nations People Building Bridges Summer/Fall 2017 Newsletter   Dear Friends, Greetings from the Tent of Nations (TON).  It is been a while since you heard from us.  We would like to share with you the latest news from the Tent of Nations, the situation on the ground, our concerns, but also to share […]

Tent of Nations People Building Bridges June 22, 2017 – Spring/Summer Newsletter We haven’t been in touch for some time, and I apologize for that.  Daoud has been extra busy over the last several months with both travel and many work projects on the farm.  He also organized (along with Meta Floor) a Celebration 101 in […]

Fall 2016 Newsletter This will be a short update from FOTONNA since Daoud has provided a very thorough one for Tent of Nations in the next section of this newsletter.   From the Director’s Corner: A highlight for me this summer, in serving as an Elder Commissioner to the Presbyterian denomination’s 2016 General Assembly in […]

Daoud and the Nassar family are still waiting for the July 21 deadline for the Military Courts to provide a rationale to the Israeli Supreme Court for two items:  1) the Military Court’s refusal to grant recently filed building permits; and, 2) its refusal to put a stop to the demolition orders already issued.  Daoud was […]

The Tent of Nations centenary: “We refuse to be enemies” by the EAPPI Bethlehem team.   On the 12th of May 2016, the Nassar family supported by visitors from around the Globe, congregated on a scenic hilltop farm on the outskirts of Nahlin village to celebrate their family’s connection to the land which stretches back in […]

March 14, 2016 – Spring Newsletter   100-Year Anniversary! From May 9-12, 2016, Tent of Nations has plans underway for a four-day celebration of its 100-year anniversary (100 years of the existence of Daher’s Vineyard).  Over 50 individuals from around the world have registered to attend the events at one level or another; many have […]

Objectives of the Olive Oil Ministry The objectives of the Olive Oil Ministry are to support the Palestinian people in their search for justice, for economic prosperity and defense of their rights, to help bring about a just peace between Palestinians and Israelis, and to raise awareness about the realities on the ground in the […]

It’s been four days since I returned home from the centennial celebration of the purchase of Daher’s Orchard, now the home of Tent of Nations, and the Nassar family farm.  You can read more about the events of the four-day gathering of 60+volunteers from 8 countries on our website blog here. For me the week’s […]

Dear Friends of Tent of Nations UK, I’m greeting you a week after having returned from Daher’s Vineyard as friends from around the world joined the Nassar family to mark 100 years of existence on that land that is so dear to them and to which they belong. Around 60 people from the Netherlands, the […]

The 4 days of volunteer activities at the Nassar Farm were busy and took on a regular rhythm, starting with early rising and breakfast, then our 9:00 morning gathering of 60-70 volunteers with songs, poems, prayers, and meditation on the daily themes: “Come and See,” “Come and Tell,” “Come and Act,” and “We Refuse to […]

I have been thinking quite a bit about what it means for there to be an international presence at Tent of Nations and in occupied Palestine, and to imaginatively use having visitors here at the farm on a continual basis.  Daood  Nassar told us that since 2002, when a good number of internationals began showing […]

Today was a great mixture of communal farm work, afternoon workshops, discussions, and optional activities, then a surprise party in the evening.  I am getting to know the many different areas of the 100-acre Nassar Farm, which includes lots of interesting little nooks and crannies along the hilltop and in the fields of grapes, olive […]

Good morning dear friends. Here I am at the Tent of Nations with the Nassar family as we begin the celebration of the Centenial event recognizing 100 years since the farm was purchased by family and now enjoyed by many as the place of understanding. 60 people from 8 countries began the week together at […]

It has been a very full Day #1 here at Tent of Nations!  First:  how I got here, literally, in contrast to my previous journal entry that described how I found myself volunteering at ToN and being a part of its 100th anniversary party. Last evening I came by taxi from Bethlehem with two other […]

I am just waking up in the Bethlehem Hotel, after arriving here last evening from Ben Gurion Airport with 2 Dutch women who are also here for the 100 Year Celebration at Tent of Nations.  A group of perhaps 25 of us “pilgrims” had a buffet dinner together at the hotel, with Meta introducing us […]

Daoud and members of the Fotonna team returned last week from the 18th U.S Spring tour where we focused on reaching out to university groups, local churches and with peace and justice groups primarily in the Austin, Texas area.   Due to the commitment of the local organizers there for the Interfaith Community for Palestinian […]

Tent of Nations People Building Bridges Fall 2015 Newsletter – Number 20 —————————- UPDATE FROM DAOUD December 2015 Dear Friends, We would like to wish you a blessed Christmas and holiday season with your loved ones.  In this deteriorating political situation in Palestine, we find comfort in thoughts of love, hope, faith, and justice. We […]

Dear Friends, Greetings from Bethlehem! It is something special to celebrate Christmas in the place where the word became flesh. More than two thousand years ago, the shepherds who were also living under occupation came to see the newborn King. Hopelessness, frustration, and fear didn’t stop them from making this risky trip to come and see. […]

Summer/Fall 2015 Newsletter September 14, 2015 – Summer/Fall Newsletter NOTE FROM DAOUD: Dear Friends, It has been a while since you’ve last heard from us, but we are still here working hard to achieve justice.  We would like to share with you the latest news about the Tent of Nations farm, the legal situation, the challenges […]

Pardon my musings, but I wake some mornings with this awesome feeling, a spiritual call to speak. I share this with you because I feel some measure of selfishness that I get to experience the exhilarating moments of our work in the life of the project that reassures me that we are on the right […]

“Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34) Having just returned from another amazing U.S tour with Daoud Nassar, a Palestinian farmer, I am inspired to write a piece that I think captures the many spiritual moments that occurred once again during the spaces of the featured events of the tour. […]

2015 Tree of Life Conference How Can WE Be Agents of Change to Secure Human Rights for Palestinians and Israelis? In this conference, we will hear from Israeli, Palestinian and American voices of conscience who will help us understand that in the long struggle toward justice and peace in the Holy Land, the fulcrum of […]

By Jonathan Cook Global Research, September 08, 2015 Jonathan Cook: The View from Nazareth 8 September 2015 Nearly half a million Palestinian pupils go on strike in Israel as Netanyahu government digs in heels against independent church schools Thousands of Arab schools in Israel went on strike on Monday, their 450,000 pupils remaining at home, as the Israeli government geared […]

Spring 2015 Newsletter – Number 19 UPDATE FROM DAOUD – February 20, 2015 Dear Friends, Greetings from all of us at the Tent of Nations.Because of your support, it is always exciting for me to update you about the status of the farm and the work we are doing here. We started this year with new […]

Steve France – August 2015 In July, three of us stopped by Daoud Nassar’s hilltop farm, Tent of Nations, near Bethlehem.  Daher Nassar, the eldest brother, found us picking our way through the boulders and broken rocks strewn on the road by the surrounding settlers to block access to the farm.  Daher gladdened us with […]

 Congressional Briefing Packs the House! Watch the briefing here. On June 2, the No Way to Treat a Child Campaign held a Congressional Briefing in the North Congressional Meeting room at the Capitol Visitor’s Center. US Representative Keith Ellison provided the welcome to the standing-room-only event for 130 people, including staffers from over 30 Congressional […]

Reflections from Kay Israel/Palestine Trip May 17-21, 2015  Bill is light; I am dark.  Bill is up; I am down.  Guess which one of us is full of hope and which one is full of despair. This is how we see the world – through very different lenses – and this is why my reflections […]