Updates From The Land

14Nov 2017

There is always a need for volunteers to help out on the Nassar family farm.  In addition to supporting the actual work carried out on the land, the presence of international volunteers helps keep the Israeli Military and illegal settlers off the land.  Volunteers provide a cadré of possible eyewitnesses to any effort to demolish […]

13Jul 2016

Objectives of the Olive Oil Ministry The objectives of the Olive Oil Ministry are to support the Palestinian people in their search for justice, for economic prosperity and defense of their rights, to help bring about a just peace between Palestinians and Israelis, and to raise awareness about the realities on the ground in the […]

19Oct 2015

2015 Tree of Life Conference How Can WE Be Agents of Change to Secure Human Rights for Palestinians and Israelis? In this conference, we will hear from Israeli, Palestinian and American voices of conscience who will help us understand that in the long struggle toward justice and peace in the Holy Land, the fulcrum of […]

22Oct 2014

Update from Daoud – October 20, 2014: (Here is a synopsis of what has been happening on the ground since the destruction of the trees on May 19, 2014.) Greetings – After we brought the case before the Israeli Supreme Court regarding the destruction of our trees on private land in May 2014, the Supreme Court […]

22Jul 2014

Update From Daoud – July 22, 2014 My Dear Friends, Thanks so much for all your Emails, concerns and prayers.  We are safe and staying on the farm for safety’s sake. It is a heavy time for us and especially for the people of Gaza. We are following the news daily, and we are seeing […]

19Jun 2014

Update From Daoud – June 19, 2014 Dear friends, Greetings from all of us at the Tent of Nations. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. We are still receiving Emails, letters and phone calls from friends and people who are concerned about our situation. It is great to see how people […]

31May 2014

And the soldier’s child asked his soldier-father, “What did you do today, daddy?” His reply, “I drove a bulldozer today.” “Was it fun, daddy?” “Oh, yes – it was lots of fun!” “What did you do with the bulldozer, daddy?” “I helped dig a big pit in the ground of our enemy – helped knock […]

28Apr 2011

Spring 2011 Dear Friends – Greetings from the Tent of Nations! Once again here is a short update of our situation; what has been going on over the past few months and our future plans. It is sad to say that the news that is coming out from our region is still very bad.  We […]

06Feb 2009

First, we want all of you to know that the Nassar family is well. They send their heartfelt thanks to all of you who offered up prayers on their behalf as well as for all the Palestinians living in Gaza during the recent assault. I know that prayers were also offered up for the Israelis […]