PHONE CALL SCRIPT for use with your elected officials

Use these links to obtain the contact information for your representative and senators.

State what you are asking your representative/senator to do:

“I am calling to ask you to contact the State Department to urge them to pressure Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) to complete the re-registration of the Nassar family’s legally owned farm located six miles southwest of Bethlehem in the West Bank.”

Provide a brief synopsis of the situation:

  • This Palestinian Christian family has owned, lived on, and farmed their land since 1920 and have legal documentation of their ownership.
  • The family practices sustainable farming and has opened the farm for local and international visitors to come and learn. Over 10,000 pilgrims visit the farm each year, and find there a sense of hope in the midst of this conflicted situation.
  • The Nassars have been in the Israeli Military and Supreme Courts since 1991 defending their ownership, and seeking to re-register their land as is required by Israeli law for Palestinians living in area C of the West Bank.
  • The re-registration process has been subject to repeated delays. Six hearings were scheduled since December 2021, of which only three were held.
  • In the most recent hearing in January 2023, the Committee continued to do all in its power to delay a decision, and returned parties to the process whose objections to the Nassar family’s ownership had been dismissed.

If you have visited the farm, you may wish to share a brief sentence or two about that experience.

End the call by offering additional materials:
“I would like to provide you with additional information that you can use in your call or written communication with the State Department, including a letter template.   Please call me at  ( include your phone number) or email me at:   (include  your email).”


Constituent Name and address.

Thank you for your vital advocacy work!
The FOTONNA Steering Committee