Message from Friends of Tent of Nations North America:

Journey with us as we learn how Daoud Nassar and his family handle the Israeli Defense Forces’ tragic destruction of the fruit trees on Daher’s Vineyard, a farm located six miles southwest of Bethlehem.  Witness the response to violence with non-violence, with grace and dignity, with deep faith and hope - hope based on the incredible outpouring of support from people like you from around the world.  There is a lesson to be learned by all of us, including the IDF soldiers.  Are we willing to act on that lesson and work to put an end to this abhorrent Israeli government policy of illegal and immoral destruction?  I think the answer is a resounding, "Yes!  Enough is enough!"  Let your voices be heard - speak out for the trees that have been silenced and buried - speak out for the Nassar family.

FOTONNA Steering Committee – June 19, 2014

Daoud Nassar is a Palestinian Christian living in the West Bank near Bethlehem. Daoud and his family own a 100-acre farm called Daher’s Vineyard. The land has been in Daoud’s family for nearly 100 years, reaching back to the time the Ottoman Empire controlled the area.

A portion of the land has been dedicated to a peace project called, Tent of Nations. People from around the world from various faiths and cultures come together where they are free to work, dialogue and learn from one another in this unique space where non-violence is a way of life.

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