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We are all grateful for the time so many of you took to sign our Petition Letter.  We currently have over 3,500 signatures, and we continue to get a few more coming in every day.  Results have been forwarded to President Obama and VP Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, Daniel Shapiro at the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, Michael Ratney at the Consulate Office in Jerusalem, and they will be forwarded to the Israeli Embassy by June 20.  Other organizations have had much the same response to their own petition letters from around the world.  Remember:  We do not stand alone on this issue.

See Signatures as of June 4, 2014 Here

Please take a minute to read a few of the following comments that were included:

"No one who examines the facts in this case in good faith can excuse this wanton destruction. "

"I am appalled at the most recent actions by the Israeli military.  This family works tirelessly for peace and reconciliation and they have a right to farm their ancestral land without this constant harassment.  I visited their farm and know the work they do first hand.  We must stop this illegal action! "

"This destructive act betrays Jewish justice. "

"Despite years of non-violent efforts to secure this family farm owned for at least a century the Israeli authorities have violated the security and trust built by the Nassar family with neighbors both Israeli and Palestinian. It is shameful and the family should be compensated for damage done and an public apology given by the Israeli government. "

"Dear Tent of Nations, Please know that hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world hold you in their hearts.  May you have the strength to carry you through this especially difficult time.  Justice will ultimately prevail.  I am, once again, stupefied and appalled by the sadism of the Israeli government.  God bless you, Tent of Nations. "

"Daoud Nassar has come to our worship community. I pray with the Nassar family for justice and peace. I prefer orchards and trees to bulldozers and settlements. I think that might be preference widely shared. "

"With Jewish heritage, I cannot understand how my people can treat the Nassar family this way.  I am appalled at the way my 'relatives' are treating the Nassar family. "

"I grew up in NW Ohio with lots of deciduous fruit trees/agriculture.  I know the labor intensity.  I plan to talk with more US farmers as a result of this action. "

"Israel MUST be held to international law standards.  As an occupier, they must protect the lives and livelihoods of people under their control.  This act is totally unconscionable.  The US, as Israel's defender and bankroller,  has a moral duty to act. "

"What can be done when a government intentionally and blatantly breaks the law and violates what little rights are possessed by honest people? To whom does this government answer and what remedies are available to the victims? Maybe the only chance for there to be any justice is for people to express interest and concern by signing this Petition and creating awareness so that other countries will recognize this ongoing harm and hold the Israeli government and military accountable for its actions. "

"I've met Daoud and filmed him during his talks here on Cape Cod.  If Israel is to credibly claim it is democracy, it must live by those ideals.  Its treatment of the Palestinians raises major questions about its integrity."

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