Museum of the Palestinian People

The Museum of the Palestinian People are thankful for the many exciting developments that happened this year:

  • A generous supporter donated a space to the Museum of the Palestinian People in the heart of Washington DC near DuPont Circle, rent-free;

  • An architect & contractor offering the Museum a 70% discount for their work to complete the renovations for our space at-cost;

  • We doubled the size of our team and welcomed several professional curators, designers, video makers and artists and other volunteers

  • We invited Palestinian artists to submit their work for our future exhibits, and many artists from across the globe are eager to partner with us.

  • We partnered with corporations, companies, and organizations from across the country including  the Tabard Inn, UlitSat Inc., Zayt & Za’atar, Abraham Path, Jerusalem Restaurant, Visit.Palestine, Mosaic Theater of DC, Coalition for Palestinian-American Organizations, the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference, PaliRoots, and the DC Palestinian Film Festival.


Daoud’s nephew, Bshara Nassar, is the Founding Director of this 501 (c)(3) non-profit operating out of Washington, DC.  We welcome you to visit this website and find out more about their space for telling the “other side of the story.”  There is a an going campaign to raise $200,000, to launch the museum that would be one way for you to support the extended Nassar family and the efforts to tell the Palestinian story.  Simply go to the website and see how easy it is to do so:


For Museum information:info@ or 202-499-8959