To:   Anthony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State

Michael Ratney, Chargé d’affaires, U.S. Embassy in Israel

We, the undersigned, representing tens of thousands of supporters around the world, are writing on behalf of Tent of Nations, a peace project located on the Nassar family’s 100-acre farm, located six miles southwest of Bethlehem in Area C of the West Bank, occupied Palestinian territory. Area C is under Israeli civil and military control. The Nassar family purchased the land more than one hundred years ago and has been continuously living on and farming this land since then. In 2001, the Nassar family named their farm Tent of Nations, receiving visitors from around the world to foster a connection between the land and people. The farm is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and hosts programs for women and children from the area. In 2019, the number of international visitors was close to 10,000. Tent of Nations is supported by church and religious organizations in the U.S.A. and Europe, who host visits to the farm, help support Tent of Nations’ educational and peacebuilding programs, and sponsor volunteers who live and work on the farm.

In 1991, Israel declared the Nassar farm “state land,” beginning a process designed to force the Nassar family to leave their property so that it can be absorbed by the neighboring Jewish settlement. Since then, the family has been engaged in the courts to prevent Israel’s efforts to take their land. They have submitted documentation of ownership, fulfilled requirements for repeated land surveys, complied with requested applications and other administrative hurdles, and successfully appealed orders to demolish structures and to cease agricultural activities. Following a lengthy and costly series of applications, denials, delays and appeals, in 2006, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the Nassars could begin the re-registration of their property required by Israel of landowners in Area C. Since then, however, the process has been subject to continued delays on the part of Israeli military and civil authorities. In 2019, the Nassars finally received confirmation that their application was complete, but additional delays and demolition orders followed. The Israeli Registration Committee met in February 2021 to discuss the Nassar’s re-registration application. Despite repeated inquiries, the Nassars continue to await notification of the results of that meeting.

The delay in the land re-registration continues to expose the Nassar farm to the risk of destruction and confiscation. Settlement expansion and road construction have accelerated, isolating the Tent of Nations farm. In May 2021, a fire, considered to be arson, destroyed over 1000 fruit trees. In June, Israeli army soldiers entered the land without warning with a bulldozer, destroying approximately 50 fruit trees. It is critical that the re-registration of the Nassar farm be completed without further delay. Completion of the land re-registration constitutes Israeli authorities’ recognition of the Nassars as the private owners of this land and ends their legal struggle.

We strongly urge that Israel immediately grant the re-registration of the Nassar land (re-registration Case Nos. 3714/2 and 3715/2). We further demand that eviction and demolition orders and other acts against the Nassar property cease.

Thank you all for signing. We have removed the sign up form but you can view the signatures below.

3,660 Magdalena and Norbert Klüppel Oct 11, 2021
3,659 Jihan Andoni Zeva Incorporated Oct 06, 2021
3,658 John Berg Trinity Lutheran church elca Oct 04, 2021
3,657 Clif Brown Oct 02, 2021
3,656 Therese Hartwell Sep 30, 2021
3,655 Sheila M Harron St. Camillus Sep 28, 2021
3,654 Melinda Norris Mennonite Central Committee Sep 28, 2021
3,653 Lotna Newbrook Sep 27, 2021
3,652 Gill Langley Sep 27, 2021
3,651 Sharon Freedan Sep 27, 2021
3,650 Nada A Sep 27, 2021
3,649 Tom Johnston Sep 26, 2021
3,648 Cassandra Johnston Sep 26, 2021
3,647 MANAL RAMADAN Sep 26, 2021
3,646 Yusha Sheikh Sep 26, 2021
3,645 Livian Stokes Sep 26, 2021
3,644 Mohammad Amir Askari Sep 26, 2021
3,643 Markus Baum Kommission für Diakonie und gesellschaftspolitische Verantwortung der EmK Sep 25, 2021
3,642 Bishop Joe and Wilson. Sep 25, 2021
3,641 C. Phifer Nicholson Jr. Duke University School of Medicine Sep 24, 2021
3,640 Harald Rueckert The United Methodist Church Sep 24, 2021
3,639 Bishop Forrest Stith Sep 24, 2021
3,638 Peggy Johnson United Methodist Sep 24, 2021
3,637 Glen Risdon Sep 23, 2021
3,636 Paul Evans UK Society of Friends (Quakers) Sep 22, 2021
3,635 Mary Caponi Middle East Peace Education Coalition Sep 20, 2021
3,634 Janice Coffey Sep 20, 2021
3,633 Nancy Tupper Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Sep 19, 2021
3,632 Chris and Jane cloke Sep 18, 2021
3,631 Judith Utevsky Jewish Voice for Peace Sep 17, 2021
3,630 Naomi Addyman Sep 17, 2021
3,629 Randolph Splitter Sep 16, 2021
3,628 Jessica Mussro Sep 16, 2021
3,627 Hope Morgan Ward United Methodist Church Sep 16, 2021
3,626 Julia Ganson Sep 16, 2021
3,625 Jane Affonso Sep 16, 2021
3,624 Matthew Lipschik Sep 16, 2021
3,623 Frances ReMillard Utahns for a Just Peace in the Holy Land Sep 15, 2021
3,622 patricia williams Sep 15, 2021
3,621 Anita Maroun Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Sep 15, 2021
3,620 Paul Winchester Church of England Sep 15, 2021
3,619 Gemma Simmonds CJ Congregation of Jesus Roman Catholic religious order Sep 15, 2021
3,618 FR JOHN FINN Missionaries of the Sacred heart Sep 15, 2021
3,617 Andrew Bailey Rev Sep 15, 2021
3,616 Denise Lytle Sep 15, 2021
3,615 Joan Purcell United Methodist Sep 15, 2021
3,614 Arnie Voigt Bright Stars of Bethlehem Sep 14, 2021
3,613 Polly Mann Sep 14, 2021
3,612 Patricia Madsen n/a Sep 14, 2021
3,611 Amani Yousef Sep 14, 2021