Demolishing Orders

September 19th

The Supreme Court today returned the case regarding the demolition orders back to the military authorities, requesting us to reapply again for building permits including presenting a zoning plan.
The Supreme Court returned us back to the year 2013. At that time we presented a zoning plan with all building permit requests but it was denied. That is why we brought it to the Supreme Court which returned it back again today.
We were given 60 days time from today to prepare all the documents and apply again.

We thought the dark tunnel is coming to an end but it Looks like it is still too long.

We thank you all for standing with us. It is great to see and feel your prayers ,support and solidarity. Thanks for your emails, phone calls and messages.

I will send you an update as soon as I receive more information from our attorney. I will let you know if any action is needed.

Our journey for justice will Continue with faith, love and hope.
Blessings and Salaam.

September 18th

Tomorrow, the 19th of September at 09.30 we have a court hearing at the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, regarding the demolition orders. This is the first time after many postponements.

Please keep us in your prayers. I will send an update as soon I hear from the lawyer after the court.

Although the way is very hard, but we still believe in justice and one day we will see the sun of justice rising again.

Blessings. Wish you a good week