Emergency Updates

Here is the latest news from Daoud on the court cases brought before the Israeli Supreme Court in June 2014 regarding the re-registration of the land and the bulldozing of trees on May 19, 2014. Dear Friends of Tent of Nations, We are still waiting for the response from the military authorities to the Israeli […]

A Day in Gaza PC(USA) mission co-worker visits partner hospital during ceasefire August 13, 2014 Special to Presbyterian News Service Kate Taber PC(USA) mission co-worker GAZA [PNS] Editor’s note: The Rev. Kate Taber is a mission co-worker for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). She is serving in Israel/Palestine as facilitator for peacemaking and mission partnerships. On Aug. 11, she had the […]

Update From Daoud – July 22, 2014 My Dear Friends, Thanks so much for all your Emails, concerns and prayers.  We are safe and staying on the farm for safety’s sake. It is a heavy time for us and especially for the people of Gaza. We are following the news daily, and we are seeing […]

Israel Continues Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza http://whtt.org/israel-continues-genocide-ethnic-cleansing-of-gaza/ Posted by Charles E Carlson      July 22, 2014 Israel Invades: Takes lives, Destroys Sustaining Infrastructure Recently Israel shelled a beach near two of Gaza City’s hotels. Twelve years ago, I dined with Gaza friends in one of those hotels overlooking that same beach. Israel’s shelling killed four […]

Update From Daoud – June 19, 2014 Dear friends, Greetings from all of us at the Tent of Nations. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. We are still receiving Emails, letters and phone calls from friends and people who are concerned about our situation. It is great to see how people […]

http://www.israellawresourcecenter.org/internationallaw/studyguides/sgil3.htm This was done by the International Law Resource Center in Washington, DC and is provided for information only. The following was provided by a friend of FOTONNA: *The Leahy Law prohibits assistance to individuals or units of any > foreign military or police body that commit gross human rights abuses; > > * > […]

And the soldier’s child asked his soldier-father, “What did you do today, daddy?” His reply, “I drove a bulldozer today.” “Was it fun, daddy?” “Oh, yes – it was lots of fun!” “What did you do with the bulldozer, daddy?” “I helped dig a big pit in the ground of our enemy – helped knock […]

FOTONNA Emergency Response Plans Information Letter, Timeline of Events and Sample Appeal Letter Dear Friends of Tent of Nations, We are writing this letter to call for action against acts of injustice by the Israeli Military towards the Nassar family farm and theirTent of Nations Peace Project.  This farm (known as Daher’s Vineyard) is located […]

Message from Daoud – April 7, 2014: We send greetings from all of us at Tent of Nations. Thank you so much for your prayers, for the words of encouragement and your continuous support. It is a critical time we are in as Palestinians. Very soon, the timeframe for the negotiations comes to an end […]

Dear Friends, We would like to share with you the latest news from the Tent of Nations, the situation on the ground, our concerns, but also our hope and how the project is moving forward. Political Situation The peace talks started again a couple of months ago but still we don’t see any positive outcome. […]

Dear Friends, You have placed your name in our email address list indicating your interest in hearing more about Daoud Nassar and his peace project in the West Bank – Tent of Nations.  Thank you so much for attending his presentation and bearing witness to his story of struggle and faith in the face of […]

Dear Friends – As 2012 comes to a close, it is a time to reflect on a year of upheaval and ongoing change in the Middle East.  We also need to look at things that never seem to change, such as:  the Nassar Family’s continued work based on deep faith and strong convictions to non-violence […]

Dear Friends, It has been a while since you received our last update about the Tent of Nations and our struggle for justice.  We would like to share with you the latest news from the Tent of Nations, the situation on the ground, our concerns, but also our hope and how the project is moving […]

NOTES FROM DAOUD – Here is the background statement from Daoud dated February 14, 2012 for those who do not know the events on the ground in the past month or so. Dear Friends, Today, the 14th of February at 1:30 PM and as we were working on our land, specifically in the Tree of […]

NOTES FROM DAOUD – The political situation is tenser now; many people are waiting for what is going to happen at the end of this month. It is becoming a daily subject to talk about, although all political windows seem to be closed, and September is a bad month for the Palestinians.  But, still miracles […]

Spring 2011 Dear Friends – Greetings from the Tent of Nations! Once again here is a short update of our situation; what has been going on over the past few months and our future plans. It is sad to say that the news that is coming out from our region is still very bad.  We […]

It is with deep sorrow that I write this newsletter.  The events in Egypt and Tunisia have been bittersweet up to this point in time, and there is no way of knowing how they will affect the situation in the neighboring countries or in Israel/Palestine.  We can only hold our collective breath and hope and […]

UPDATED INFORMATION ON HOW YOU AND YOUR CHURCH/ORGANIZATION CAN HELP: As you can see below, we are more than half way there!  People continue to be very generous; however, there are still one-time projects that need your support.  Shared donations can make a huge difference in whether these projects can be funded or not.  Please […]

Speaking for the FOTONNA Steering Committee, I want to say that we feel so very privileged and honored to be a small part of the Nassar family’s work in their pursuit of Peace with Justice through the projects at Tent of Nations.  We are left in awe at the tireless work this family performs, and […]

This will be just a brief update from us since you have already received our letter of concern.  As always, we hope we won’t need to take any action, but we appreciate your willingness to do so if called upon. An update on the Women’s Education Projects from Jihan Nassar is included.  There is always […]

As always, the main purposes of this newsletter update are to: 1) let you know about Daoud’s April/May tour and his upcoming educational/ fundraising tour; 2) include direct reports from Jihan and Daoud on the Summer 2009 activities*; and 3) request your financial support for the Tent of Nations projects.  Send donations to the usual […]

The main purposes of this newsletter update are to: 1) let you know about Daoud’s upcoming educational/ fundraising tour; 2) include direct reports from Jihan and Daoud; and 3) as always, request your financial support for the Tent of Nations projects.  We are at a critical juncture at this point as you will see when […]

First, we want all of you to know that the Nassar family is well. They send their heartfelt thanks to all of you who offered up prayers on their behalf as well as for all the Palestinians living in Gaza during the recent assault. I know that prayers were also offered up for the Israelis […]

The purpose behind this issue of the Newsletter is twofold: 1) practically beg you for donations in support of Tent of Nations; 2) update you on what’s been happening since the end of May.   FUNDRAISING: We had a marvelous initial outpouring of generosity from those of you who had the opportunity to hear and […]

We have promised to keep all of you who have shown enthusiastic support for Tent of Nations updated on what’s been happening since Daoud Nassar’s initial visit in November/December 2007. With that in mind, we can truly say that more progress than we had hoped for has taken place over just a few short months. […]

A Palestinian fights in court for a hill his family has held since 1916. But Jewish neighbors say the farm should be theirs. By Richard Boudreaux, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer December 27, 2007 NAHALIN, WEST BANK — From his hilltop farm, Daoud Nassar can see the sun rise over the Jordan Valley and set […]