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A Jew, a Quaker and a Presbyterian…

Cave…walked into a cave in the West Bank and met a Lutheran.

They were then joined by an Episcopalian, a Muslim, a Methodist, another Presbyterian and one still questioning her faith. What do these individuals have in common? The binding tie is their deep passion for justice with peace in an area of the world that finds it very difficult to remedy decades of falsely-generated fear and hatred that have resulted in walls, rather than bridges, being built.

The politicians in Israel/Palestine have yet to find a remedy to a disease that is spreading and threatens to destroy the very infrastructure they want to save. It is firmly believed that a political solution will never come from the top down; it must, instead, rise up from the bottom – from the people most affected by the situation and those who support them in their efforts.

FOTONNA is an organization that provides such support through the Tent of Nations, a peace project located on Daher’s Vineyard - a 100-acre farm located about six miles from Bethlehem in the West Bank. We invite you to join us on this journey of support. Together, we can help build bridges and tear down walls!

FOTONNA Steering Committee:

Charlie Lewis –Chair
Bill Plitt –Senior Consultant/Historian
Daoud Nassar – Director of Operations
Beth Moore – Tour Planning/Finance Director
Bill Mims – Secretary
Heidi Saikaly – Communications Co-Director

Mark Braverman – Senior Consultant
Andie Sweetman – Volunteer Liaison
Nadia Itraish – Director of Outreach/Advisory Council Liaison
Michael Phillips – Finance Co-Director
Joan Deming – Communications Co-Director