Emergency Response Plan Update and Call to Action

September 2021  The “Save the Tent Of Nations” petition with more than 3,600 signatures from the U.S. and partners around the globe has been delivered to the State Department and U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

Daoud and the Nassar Family are scheduled to meet with the Israeli Military Authority about the re-registration process on December 13, 2021. The Nassars are grateful for you, standing with them, signing the petition, and sending letters to your elected officials. Daoud stresses, “This pressure is indeed making a difference. We are very appreciative of your solidarity and support on our long journey for justice.”

Call for Action:
Daoud asks that we continue our advocacy work in the weeks leading up to the December 13, 2021 meeting with the Israeli Military Authority.

What can we do?
To those of you who signed the petition from outside the U.S., we are so very grateful for your partnership. Please continue to raise the Nassars’ call for justice with your elected officials and keep us posted on their responses. Your advocacy work is critical in the weeks leading up to the Nassars’ re-registration meeting on December 13, 2021!

To those in the USA who have already called or emailed your Senators and your Representative, thank you for taking that step! We would appreciate hearing from you about the responses you have received. For that purpose and for any questions or input you may have, write to us at info@fotonna.org. You may be wondering about next steps that you can take to encourage your elected officials to contact the State Department about the Tent of Nations emergency. We would like to suggest that you maintain ongoing contact with the closest local office of your senators and your representative. Staffers in these offices have the vital role of conveying constituents’ concerns to their colleagues. They can provide guidance to you on these inquiries:

  • “How may I follow up on my request for Senator/Representative to contact the State Department?”
  • “Would you and members of the senator’s/representative’s foreign policy team like to meet via zoom to clarify details about the situation at Tent of Nations?”
  • Whom do I contact to arrange a meeting?” Or, “Would it be possible to meet with the Senator/Representative about the situation at Tent of Nations?”

If you have not contacted your elected representatives and wish to do so, here again is the information:

Contact your senators and representatives. Urge them to ask the State Department to question the Israeli government about the Israeli Military’s recent acts of destruction of Nassar property and the delays of the re-registration.
Click here for scripts to guide your phone calls and emails.
Click here to download a one-page backgrounder on Tent of Nations that you can send on to your representatives and to others.

Use these links to obtain the contact information for your elected representatives:
House of Representatives: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative
Senate: https://www.senate.gov/senators/senators-contact.htm?OrderBy%253Dstate%2526Sort%253DASC

We will keep you informed through our newsletter in the coming weeks. Again, thank you for your solidarity at this critical time.