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"The Stories I Never Knew"

“The Stories I Never Knew” – Acts of Loving Kindness in the Struggle for Human Rights and Dignity in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel 

by: William Plitt – 12/21

We are thrilled to announce that Bill’s new book on his experiences with the Tent of Nations/Nassar Family and other friends is now available in paperback or Kindle versions through Amazon.

Join Bill Plitt in a Zoom Conversation about this book on February 7 at 1:00pm ET. This event will be moderated by Michael Spath, Executive Director of the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace. For full information about the webinar, sponsoring groups, and registration, click here.

This book is a compilation of unique blogposts, reports and stories related to travels to the Occupied Palestinian Territories and to Israel from 2006-2018. In an attempt to get to know the “Living Stones” through their stories, Bill Plitt visited both Palestinians and Israelis. He listened as they shared what their lives had been like in the past and what they were now like in the world of today’s turmoil. He is able to paint portraits of the people he encountered, many quite by accident, and make them come alive so the reader feels as though they have made new friends entering into their lives through the pages of this book. 

Bill found people who showed a great deal of kindness to a complete stranger, sharing meals, opening up their homes, giving directions to new places so he wouldn’t get lost – and sharing both laughter and sorrow. He played with the children who are the hope for the future of this troubled land; he celebrated birthdays and graduations; he mourned with those who had lost a loved one; he celebrated the birth of a new baby; he made new friends and traveled with old friends. He left the echo of his “harp” behind him just about everywhere he traveled: the Wadi Qelt; Manger Square; street corners; churches; private homes; every place he found a quiet space needing to be filled. He was moved to write poetry, creating images of what he had seen or heard or experienced.

At the heart of this book are stories about a Palestinian family farm just outside Bethlehem and the Nassar Family’s 30-year efforts to save it from being declared as State Land by the Israeli authorities. Their story resulted in several individuals coming together in the United States in 2007 to form a support group called Friends of Tent of Nations North America. The farm is known as Daher’s Vineyard, or Tent of Nations. Family members have been able to travel to the States, usually twice a year, on tours put together by some of the Steering Committee members. You can see the very impressive schedule of events for these tours plus some stories that grew out of these encounters. The reception has been overwhelming and heartwarming. You will come to know and respect this family for their belief in non-violence towards those who commit acts of violence. Their way will win in the end – overcoming obstacles, persistence, patience and “refusing to be enemies.”

Enjoy getting to know the “Living Stones” of Palestine and Israel!

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PS – A note about our choice to publish with Amazon:

I know some of you have concerns about using Amazon.  I saw no alternative at the time of publication.
WE had three needs: one to spread the word of the Story without being encumbered by the mechanics of dispersing of the book; to do so without further expense, and to reach out beyond those whom I meet each day.  
The book was a gift given to me, and I wished to pass in onto others.  
The Kindle version is another way, but it is lacking the color pictures that bring depth to the story.  

— Bill