Tour Options for Visiting Israel/Palestine:

You may want to visit Israel/Palestine but are uncertain how to go about it. It may be too complicated to travel alone or even put together a tour for your friends or your church members. There are, however, viable tour options available for individuals or couples or a few interested parties to take advantage of and join in.

We want to encourage you to check out the following website and “Go and See” and then “Come and Tell” others about your experiences there.  You can trust that any of the tours we recommend will be professionally led and will take you to a wide variety of sites in both Israel and the West Bank; you will meet both Palestinians and Israelis who are seeking Peace with Justice – something we are all working towards.

Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA) –

Organize a Witness Trip:

A visit to Palestine can be a life-changing experience.  If you’re interested in witnessing the occupation firsthand, FOSNA can help you plan a trip. Our panel of witness trip leaders have been traveling to Palestine and Israel for years and know how to navigate the roadblocks, both physical and bureaucratic.

We’ll make sure you see the real story. You can meet with Palestinians and Jewish Israelis engaged in nonviolent resistance, visit refugee camps, experience life under occupation, and view environmental degradation. You can also tour Hebron and other communities suffering from encroaching Israeli settlements.

Your trip can include historical and religious sites such as Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Jordan River, and the Dead Sea.

Whether you’re traveling alone or want to organize a witness trip for a group, we can help you design a visit that caters to your interests and needs. We may also be able to provide scholarships.