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Books of Interest Related to TON

When making donations to Tent of Nations (TON) through Friends of Tent of Nations North America (FOTONNA), you may request a complimentary copy of any of the following books that directly reflect the Nassar family story.  Please designate which book(s) you are interested in receiving on the Donation Form/personal check or on your PayPal Form; there is a minimum donation for each book.

Please Note:  If you are going to order multiple copies of these books, each copy should be paid for based on the minimum price per book.

Palestinian Recipe Book (minimum $10 donation) and Where I Am From… (three-language version minimum $4 donation; nine-language version minimum $8 donation):

With leadership from Jihan Nassar and resources from FOTONNA, some of the women who attend the Bent Al-reef Women’s Education Center have created two lovely booklets:  1) the Palestinian Recipe Book (12 recipes that detail authentic Palestinian dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation);

and, 2) Where I Am From… (15 poems written during a creative writing class.  Two versions are available – poems written in English, Arabic and Hebrew and one with those poems plus translations in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Japanese.  Both booklets are complete with descriptions of the Women’s Center projects and many local-area pictures.)

Two other books tell the overall Nassar family story in detail:  1) Daher’s Vineyard – Tent of Nations:  My Father’s Dream (minimum $15 donation) – by Daoud Nassar;

and, 2) Tent of Nations – We Refuse to be Enemies (minimum $8 donation).  This booklet was produced and printed by friends in the Netherlands with input from Daoud Nassar; all profits go directly to TON peace projects on the land.