Videos: TON

We hope you will take some time to view the videos provided here as they relate directly to TON. We will post new ones as they are produced.

You will find:

  • We Refuse to be Enemies – The Austin Stone Church Interview – 25-minute interview with Daoud
  • Daoud’s Presentation at St. Mark’s Cathedral in WA state – 25-minutes – Daoud’s story as told on his tours
  • Six-minute video of Daoud after the May 19, 2014 Tree Demolitions – Witness the desolation created by the destruction of 1,500 fruit trees on the family farm
  • Polar Bear Plunge, Fr. Jacek Orzechowski, a member of the FOTONNA Advisory Council, dives into the Polar Bear Plunge on January 27 to raise money for Tent of Nations and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN), which sponsored the event.  Fr. Jacek is the one in the Franciscan robe!


Daoud tells the story of 100 years of struggle at the May 2016 Centennial Celebration


Response to May 2014 Tree Demolition

In May 2014, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) illegally bulldozed and buried almost 1,500 twelve-year-old fruit-bearing trees in the lower valley of Daher’s Vineyard. In this short video clip, you will see Daoud’s reaction to this devastation. For more information, please see our Emergency Response Plan’ page.


Daoud Speaking at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, WA, Spring 2014 Tour