Grace Presbyterian Church

Travel to Palestine, Israel, and Jordan: Grace Presbyterian Church, Springfield, Virginia invites you to join a pilgrimage and study tour, Sept. 28-Oct. 8, 2018 (with optional Jordan extension Oct. 8-12). Participants will walk in the land of the Bible beside those who live in the land today. Visiting places of Jesus’ life and ministry, the group will consider what it means to be faithful witnesses to Christ in this time. Conversations with Palestinians and Israelis will offer a window on their hopes and dreams for a peace-filled future and how we can support them in that vision. Highlights include a visit with the Palestinian Episcopal congregation in Nablus, with which Grace Church has a long-standing partnership; seeing biblical sites in the Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and elsewhere; conversations with local peacemakers; and a visit to Tent of Nations — a Palestinian farm and Peace Center. Leaders are Rev. Dr. Ben Trawick, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church, and Rev. Susan Wilder who has lived in Jerusalem, led trips to the region, and currently serves as a consultant to the Faith Forum on Middle East Policy, a network of Christian denominations and organizations working for a just peace in the Middle East. Price: $3,400 (without Jordan extension), $3,700 (with Jordan extension), double occupancy. For more information contact: Rev. Susan P. Wilder,