Programs, Events, and Farm Activities


100 and 101 Years Celebrations:

In May 2016, Tent of Nations Farm celebrated 100 years of existence with a large group of international guests, locals and family members.  In May 2017, the 101st year anniversary was celebrated but with a smaller group in attendance.  The celebration ended with a silent walk to the oldest olive tree at the Tent of Nations.  Everyone walked to the tree and put his/her wish there.  This celebration will continue to be held in May of each upcoming year.  For more information, please check the Tent of Nations website and make plans to celebrate with the family and friends.

Children’s Summer Camp:

Every year (except 2020-21) since 2001, a two-week Children’s Summer Camp has been organized for children from the Bethlehem area and refugee camps.  International volunteers come to provide extra help and to organize creative workshops for children.  These are children who are often traumatized by growing up in a difficult and complicated political context that will make it difficult and sometimes impossible to be positive.  Through the summer camp experience, children are encouraged to discover their talents and focus on their positives, helping them believe in themselves and that they are able to shape their future.  It is also an opportunity for international volunteers to be part of a positive project, and the idea is to motivate those volunteers to go back home and be peace makers within their own communities.

Bent Al-reef Women’s Project:

Each school year, the Women’s Empowerment Project in the village offers activities and programs to enable women to be empowered and to be active positively in their own society.  The program and activities are there to serve and encourage women to learn new skills, discover their talents and interests, develop their character, socialize, visit and interact and exchange thoughts and ideas with local and international women.

Two booklets reflecting projects completed by some of the women at the education center in Nahalin have been printed by FOTONNA through the help of donations:  the “Palestinian Recipe Book” and a book of poetry entitled “Where I Am From…” (three-language and nine-language versions).  These are given as complimentary gifts, when requested, for donations to TON through FOTONNA.  To make a donation, please visit the FOTONNA website:


Volunteers are a big support for the Tent of Nations.  It is important to say that since the beginning of the international presence of volunteers on the land (since 2002), attacks from settlers have been stopped.  International presence at the Tent of Nations made a big difference.  If you are interested in going and helping out, visit www. and fill out the volunteer form and send it in. Scholarship funds are available for those who might need financial support in order to go.

Come and See, Go and Tell:

We hope that international visits to Tent of Nations will be possible again soon, observing Covid-19 precautions. We look forward to welcoming guests again soon! Many visitors come to hear about the story and the challenges faced by the Nassar family; they also learn about positive energy and hope.  Guest groups can stay overnight, making use of some new permanent tents that have been erected.  Since the farm is becoming more and more isolated, there is a great need for more international guests to stop at the Tent of Nations.  Please “Come and See” in order to “Go and Tell.”