Emergency Response Plan

Update, August 2021:

Recent events have raised the concern that the farm is at increased risk of destruction or confiscation. On May 21, 2021, more than 1,000 fruit trees were destroyed by arson. On June 9, 2021, the Israeli military entered the farm with vehicles and a bulldozer, destroying over 50 trees and damaging the terraced land. In the last few months, the Nassar family have been under increased pressure as the pace of settlement expansion, construction of roads for settlers that restrict the movement of Palestinians, and the use of checkpoints has accelerated. Taken together, these acts are intended to pressure the family to leave their home so that the land can be taken and incorporated into the adjacent Israeli settlement.

Of greatest concern at this time is the delay in the re-registration of the property. Since 1991, the Nassar family has been in the Israeli Military and Supreme Courts defending their land from demolition and confiscation.

Click here to read more about the current crisis and for specific actions you can take to help. These include signing a petition directed to the US State Department, and scripts for contacts with your Member of Congress and US Senators. Contacts from constituents make a huge difference! Please sign the petition and reach out to your Congressional Representatives today!

Emergency Response Plans from 2014 and earlier:

The FOTONNA Steering Committee and Advisory Council created an Emergency Response Plan when it became clear that immediate action would need to be taken when (not if) imminent threats were being made or threatening acts by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) were taking place at TON. Two such events have taken place over the last couple of years: demolition orders were given for 12-13 structures on the farm in 2012; and on May 19, 2014, nearly 1,500 fruit-bearing trees were destroyed and buried in a valley on the farm.

Details about the demolition orders can be found in our Fall 2012 Newsletters. It is believed that an international outcry over this situation helped avert what would have been a catastrophic event for TON. FOTONNA’s petition letter was signed by individuals from all around the globe.

The May 19th action and our reaction to it can be found on the following links, along with ongoing Updates from Daoud about the situation on the ground:

Response to May 2014 Tree Demolition

In May 2014, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) illegally bulldozed and buried almost 1,500 twelve-year-old fruit-bearing trees in the lower valley of Daher’s Vineyard. In this short video clip, you will see Daoud’s reaction to this devastation.

May 2014 Tree Uprooting:



Updates from the Land


Petition Letters

FOTONNA will be circulating Petition Letters when/if needed to inform people of emergency situations. It would be appreciated if you would sign them and forward them on to your own organizational structures. There is power in a single voice, but that is nothing compared to the shout heard from combined voices raised in unison from around the world.