Dear Friends,

As you all know, Palestinians are still counting their deaths and the injured people.  It is very sad to see all this destruction in Gaza; still there is not an end to it.

I am still on the farm with my family.  We are following the news on daily basis from there but we also live it on the ground. From the farm we could see Gaza.  It is a scary situation for our own children, but what about the children of Gaza?

We have to remind ourselves and our children that in the middle of this destruction, still we are not allowed to give up hope.  We will continue our long way for justice nonviolently.

Here is a short update about the farm:

  1. As I already informed you, we started with rebuilding the terraces again, preparing the land for new trees.
  2. We started to remove bushes around the cave in the valley. The plan is to renovate the cave.
  3. We are in the valley on a daily basis, showing a permanent presence there.
  4. International volunteers are joining this effort and they are accompanying us daily

On the legal side

  1. Our lawyer started with the first legal battle in front of the Supreme Court, questioning the military authorities why they didn’t allow us to re-register the land, although the Supreme Court gave a decision in 2007 that we, as a family, have the right to do so.  Damaging the trees on a private land is an illegal action from the army, and it is disrespectful to the Supreme Court decision.
  2. The second legal battle in front of the military court for compensation will be ready soon.  We calculated the loss just from losing the trees, and we came up with an amount of $150,000.  We had to pay 3% of this amount as a fee to be able to start this legal battle.
  3. We will continue with our strategy to create facts on the ground, go legally and keep the political pressure from the international community focused on this specific piece of land (the farm) and try to end the 23 years of struggle for justice.  I know this is not the end of the story, but succeeding on the farm with our nonviolent and creative way of resistance might help to bring justice on larger scale.  I believe if we succeed with one step, we can build the second step on it.

With our simple message of hope, we have touched many hearts and many joined to support the Tent of Nations in different ways with the aim to keep this simple message of hope alive.  Thank you all.

Daoud Nassar

Daoud Daoud Nassar
Director Tent of Nations -people building bridges-
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