Come join us on a ‘virtual visit’ during the May 2016 100-year Commemoration Events at Tent of Nations.  Some of those who are going to be on the land will be sharing their experiences through stories and pictures on our Update page.  If you are planning on personally doing something special here in the States, please send us information at:

The year 2016 marks the 100-year anniversary of the purchase of Daher’s Vineyard by Daher Nassar.  We invite you, either personally or in solidarity of spirit, to attend the week of commemoration (May 7-May 13, 2016) being planned by Meta Floor and Daoud Nassar with support from FOTONNA.  Four-Day Program; Main Day of Commemoration; Pre-Commemoration Weekend; Post-Commemoration Weekend

08Jun 2016

St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, Washington planted an olive tree in its Urban Garden on May 22nd in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Daher’s Vineyard.  Thanks for the idea in your last newsletter! And yes, there are hearty species of olive trees that survive our Pacific Northwest climate. The garden provides fruits and […]

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