Entrance to Tent of Nations

Since the attack on Daoud and Daher we have heard from so many of you of your concern and great love for the family. It has been overwhelming, and we are so grateful for your support of them.

Daoud and Daher are beginning to heal – both physically and emotionally from the attack. This of course will take time, and they ask for your continued prayers for them and their extended family.

The attack was carried out by Palestinian residents of the neighboring village, and the perpetrators are being sought. It is important to know that the majority of the village and its leadership are supportive of the work the Nassar’s are undertaking.

The next steps for continuing life on the farm will be worked out over the coming days with the safety and security of all to be uppermost in mind. Daoud has placed an order for more olive trees and grape vines, and plans to have international volunteers help with planting them. He intends to keep repairing and working the land. We all yearn for the time when it will be possible for people to travel freely to the Holy Land and visit the farm. There seem to be some signs that may begin to happen this spring.

Daoud has asked us to maintain our focus on the re-registration of the land. The December 13th re-registration hearing that was re-scheduled for mid-January, was held on January 16th. The Nassar’s and their lawyer were the only plaintiffs in the case to appear. The head of the Re-registration Committee gave other parties in the case 45 days to provide their documentation and scheduled what we hope will be the final hearing in early May.

We will communicate with you again as we learn more about how you can assist with that process.

FOTONNA Steering Committee