Please Continue Advocating about TON with your elected officials!
So much has happened since we reached out to you in July last year and asked for your assistance with the “Save Tent of Nations” petition. You and over 3,600 from the U.S. and across the world signed the petition requesting Secretary Blinken to take action.  It was delivered to the Department of State and the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem soon thereafter. U.S. Embassy personnel visited the farm for the first time in seven years in October and have since continued their close communication with and support for the family.
Leading up to the December 13th hearing, with the help of many of you, and in partnership with Churches for Middle East Peace, we began a focused approach with certain congressional offices. We asked these representatives and senators to add their voices to yours/ours in requesting the State Department to urge Israeli officials to move ahead to complete the re-registration of the Nassar family farm.  In October, November, and early December we met with staff in 16 congressional offices — often with constituents involved.  The reports we received back from staff indicate that many of these offices did communicate their concerns to the State Department and received a response.
In addition to sharing a clear “ask” with the Congressional staffer, the strongest part of the meetings was having constituents share their first-hand experience of visiting TON, the impact it made on them, and their convictions about the need for TON to be able to continue its work of peace making and justice seeking by bringing to completion the re-registration of their land.
In anticipation of the early May re-registration hearing, we have continued to update congressional offices about events on the Nassar family farm and the urgency of the re-registration process. We are asking senators and representatives to continue shining a light on the re-registration case with Israeli officials. In early April, we will provide you with talking points and documents that you can use to contact your elected officials.