Good morning dear friends. Here I am at the Tent of Nations with the Nassar family as we begin the celebration of the Centenial event recognizing 100 years since the farm was purchased by family and now enjoyed by many as the place of understanding. 60 people from 8 countries began the week together at worship this morning. There will be many hours of work on the farm together, as well as reflections on what it means to be in solidarity for the cause of human rights and dignity for all God’s people. For me, personsonly, it will be the moment of the simultaneous planting of a tree on the grounds of my church home of Trinity Presbyterian in Arlington, Va. by friends there as I plant the seeds of that same tree here just South of Bethlehem at Tent of Nations that I believe will be so meaningful for our communities, thousands of miles apart but so close in spirit. Stay tuned. Others will be invited to share their experiences in the coming days. BP


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