Creative Writing/Art: TON

We are seeking short creative writing pieces/art/photography to our website. If you have written a reflection on your personal experiences relating to Tent of Nations or the Israeli/Palestinian situation, please send it in and we will consider adding it. We are looking for poetry, short stories, short essays, photographs, etc. Send your contributions to Heidi Saikaly, FOTONNA Communications co-coordinator, at:”

In February 2015, sixth, seventh and eighth grade Middle Schoolers from Oregon learned about the Tent of Nations Farm on a Lutheran Youth Overnight Retreat.  Photos that were taken by the ELCA Oregon Synod trip delegates in May 2014 were shared. The photos showed the destruction that the delegates witnessed just a few days after IDF bulldozers had plowed and buried 1,500 fruit trees on the farm. After watching the video of Daoud’s loving, hopeful and yet determined response to this destruction, our middle schoolers shared their thoughts and feelings in the following cards and notes.





























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