Current Emergency Situations


There is a constant level of tension under which the Tent of Nations Peace Project and the Nassar family farm exist.  On any given day, the Military Court and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) can do any of the following:  place ‘Stop Cultivation Orders’ in out-of-the-way places on the farm where the family has been planting trees and where the orders might not be seen within the usual 45-day period of time they need to file an appeal through the courts; place demolition orders on structures at the site of Tent of Nations; expand settlement building in the surrounding area that will place roads under security risks for the settlers and turn these roads into ‘Israeli Only’ roads, cutting off access to the farm; and, build on land declared as State Land that borders the farm and roads leading to the farm, again placing access to the farm in jeopardy.

Daoud Nassar, through FOTONNA, will keep you updated on what is taking place at TON.  We will be keeping you posted on this page and through email messages if/when we need to activate our Emergency Response Plan (ERP) at any time it is warranted.  If you wish to see our most recent ERP actions, please visit our ‘Past Emergency Situations’ page.  You will find several items listed:  a letter detailing the history of the issues on the land, copies of some of the letters that were sent out, two examples of Press Releases and a copy of our latest Petition Letter.  You can also find more details about our response to demolition orders placed on the land in our Past Newsletters (Fall 2012).

We simply ask that you respond to any requests for action that we put forth.  We have been able to prevent the worst-case scenarios from taking place in the past through international pressure, and we want to continue to do so with the passion expressed by so many of you in your letters and emails and petition letter responses on behalf of the Nassar family and TON.  Please keep up the wonderful work!