Many of us are wondering how to respond at yet another point of descent into hopelessness in the Holy Land.  Following are three recent pieces that help provide some sense of perspective along with an encouragement to “stay in the game.”

In Stages of Grief in the Search for a Permanent Peace, Danny Seidemann argues for a diplomatic and political solution to Jerusalem that honors the national attachments of both Palestinians and Israelis, and the religious claims made by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Sarah Sterns turns to the poets for wisdom and finds both language for mourning and an admonishment not to remain in our grief, but to continue on the journey toward a different future.

On the Telos blog I write about the necessity of using the best of faith to combat the worst of religion.

And, finally, this three-minute video from last year, about Telos friends Robi Damelin and Bassam Aramin of the Parents Circle, is a reminder of both the personal and human cost of the perpetuation of this conflict, and the importance of reconciliation.

Thank you for your commitment to dignity, security and freedom for Israelis and Palestinians.


Todd Deatherage
The Telos Group

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