Maitha’ _______, 38

Where I Am From…


I am from peace and anxiety,

I am from the roar of the waterfall,

I am from the tramp of feet on the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge,

My grandmother was watching;

The vineyards, olive trees, hanoun and wildflowers.

From where am I?

From a deep sea that is calling

And saying, “I am with you.”

Why is my country stolen?

And the whole world is looking…

Why is childhood stolen from a boy?

And he cannot grow anymore?

He says, “I have the right to live in dignity.”

From where am I?

From the land of peace and prophets,

From a land of battles and poets.

A place where Jesus was born,

And Mohammad ascended,

From the grief of Toukan,

And the poetry of Darwish,

From the sweat of free people,

And the blood of the martyrs.

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