Sahar _____, 35

Where I Am From…

 I am a girl of the mountains,

A girl of Palestine,

A girl of hope…

From my beautiful childhood and successful life

From something that is not something,

Whenever there is a window that is closed,

God opens another window in the sky,

From where am I…?

From the mountains which I used to run over,

From the mountains I used to rest upon,

And then wake up again full of energy.

Do I complain about the dawn?

This the sunshine that gives us light.

What do I say to the dark?

I stay up, fascinated by its beauty.





What do I have to say to my heart?

My heart belongs to Palestine

What do I have to say to myself?

About what? and how? and why?

My soul and my life have always been

For Him and because of Him.

I am the darkness, I am the daylight,

I am the fall, I am the spring,

I am from Palestine…

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