Suad ________, 49

Where I Am From…


I am from the countryside,

Close to the manger of Jesus Christ,

And the place where Mohammad ascended.

I am from the innocent childhood,

From the fields of oranges, olives, and za’tar.

The birds are singing every morning,

From above the olive trees

That are holding tight to the ground and life.

From where am I?

I am a girl who grew up

On the sound of the fife,

Where my grandfather shepherded his sheep in the fields.

I am from the land of wheat,

Where the waving wheat dances

With joy and harmony,

I am from the land where the boy

Is playing a tune, ready for the wheat

To be harvested.

I am from a land where my grandmother

Is playing a musical tone on her grindstone.

You can see the grains of wheat…

Some escaping from the grindstone…

While other grains, bouncing up and down,

End up as flour and bread

In my grandmother’s taboun.


Where am I from?

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