June 16, 2016

Dear Friends,

As you know, during the week of May 9-20, 2016, there was an international Centennial Celebration of the purchase of Daher’s Vineyard in 1916; I was fortunate to be able to participate in this joyful event at Tent of Nations. While we celebrated and planted trees on the farm, members from my home church, Trinity Presbyterian in Arlington, Virginia, planted a beautiful Crepe Myrtle tree on its church grounds commemorating the date. I had taken seeds with me from that same tree to plant on the farm, and I and three members of the Nassar family, joined by several members of the Scottish delegation attending the centennial events, held a brief planting ceremony in the Memorial Garden dedicated to the home of Tent of Nations.



Planting Crepe Myrtle Seeds in Memorial Garden at TON – May 2016

Following worship on Sunday, June 12, 2016, children of Trinity Presbyterian Church were invited to participate in the dedication of the Crepe Myrtle tree by offering cups of water to nurture its life and growth. The hope is to make the watering an annual event. When I looked up at the tree, and noticed that the branches of the tree were curved in a smile-like image of happiness, I shared that perception with the children. One child then said, “That’s because we watered it!” May our children continue to bring such hope and wisdom to our world. Bill

Arlington3 Arlington2.png







Watering the tree at Trinity Presbyterian Church – June 12, 2016

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