A Message from the Friends of Tent of Nations Steering Committee:
Thank you to the many Friends of Tent of Nations who have contacted Members of Congress and the State Department in the US and government leaders in other nations, in support of the Nassar Family’s efforts to Re-Register their land under Israeli law. Daoud has given us the following brief review of the March 2, 2023 hearing, and invites us to stay tuned:

2 March 2023

Dear Friends,

This is an update from our attorney about the court session regarding the reregistration of the Nassar land. It is really hard for us, but we know that we are not alone on this long journey. We continue to need your support, we will keep you posted and will let you know what the next steps are and what you can do to help.

Today, March 2, 2023 should have been the date when the Objections Committee would have confirmed the title to Nassar family, since all 9 of the parties who objected to the family claims had been previously dismissed, and the last objector, who had previously been dismissed had failed to fulfill the conditions of the Committee to reinstate him. He had not paid the fine he was required to pay, nor submitted a statement by the objector himself or presented the list and the substance of the testimony of his supposed witnesses. As of now, we do not even know the basis of his objection. None the less, the committee decided to grant him yet another chance to present his case, the substance of the testimony he wished to proffer, and set a hearing for May 15.

Attorney Sani Khoury, from our office asked the committee to recuse themselves since their behavior was clearly biased and prejudicial to the Nassars and since they failed even to follow their own procedures . He recited a long list of decisions they had taken over the past 2 years to hamper the Nassar family from obtaining proper title, and described, on the record, how the Committee went out of its way to encourage others to object to their claims and to bring any evidence to cast a shadow on their rights.

The Committee refused to recuse itself, and referred to the military order setting up the Committee which stated that they do not have to follow evidentiary procedures in their attempts to “seek the truth”. When Sani reminded them of their refusal to allow him in the past to present certain evidence, they said now they changed their minds and are willing to give all parties another chance to present affidavits summarizing their claims. In effect, starting the process from the beginning, and overlooking all the delays of the past two years. Now this objector needs to submit his claims and the Committee promised to “look into all facts with a view to arriving at the truth” rather than be bound by any formal requirements and procedures and evidentiary rules.

While the attorneys are not very hopeful that this committee will ever agree to act as a proper legal adjudicatory body, we need to continue the pressure, not only to complete the process of reregistration to acknowledge the ownership of the Nassar family, but also to permit them to start building on it and utilizing it for the worthy projects it needs to be accomplishing.