Please Act to Support the Tent of Nations:

As Daoud has mentioned in his most recent update, the next and hopefully final re-registration hearing has been delayed again until January 16, 2023. FOTONNA believes it is important to continue advocating for TON with our elected officials leading up to the hearing with the Israeli Military Authority. Ask your senators and representative to contact State Department officials and Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC to voice support of the re-registration of the Nassar land.

Click here for the script to guide your phone calls and emails.

Use these links to obtain the contact information for your elected representatives:
· House of Representatives:
· Senate:

We want to assure you that our work together to bring greater awareness to the Tent of Nations Emergency is bearing fruit, giving comfort and hope to the Nassars. Since most of the communication about TON – the challenges they face, and the ways in which they have chosen to face them – has been done privately, it is difficult to share many details with you. However, several State Department officials have visited the farm and are aware of the Nassar family’s situation. They expressed their support for the Tent of Nations by their presence and attention to the details of the case.

Your advocacy efforts during this critical period will help to shine light on the urgency of the TON re-registration hearing. Re-registration is the final step to confirm the family’s private ownership of the land, thereby ending the risk of its destruction and confiscation.

Thank you for walking on the FOTONNA road with the Nassars!

Beth Moore, FOTONNA Steering Committee Tour Planning and Finance Co-Director
Heidi Saikaly, FOTONNA Steering Committee Communications Co-Director