April 18, 2022

Dear Friends of Tent of Nations,

In our March newsletter we promised an April email with updates on the Re-Registration Hearing scheduled for early May in Israel and information about how you can help.

Your solidarity and prayers have buoyed the spirits of Daoud Nassar and his family!  Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tent of Nations Farm has endured continual attacks on their land resulting in destruction of terraced fields, infrastructure, and trees; intense legal attempts to confiscate the Nassar’s land; and in January, brutal attacks on Daoud and Daher Nassar. Despite all this, the Nassars are “still determined not to give up, but to repair the damage, replant new trees, and move forward.”  

Tent of Nations is at a pivotal moment in its history.  The Nassars and their lawyer are preparing for the early May re-registration session with the Israeli Civil Administration.  We are all hopeful that this event will be the final step to definitive recognition by the Israeli government that the TON farm is privately owned by the Nassars.

At this time, Daoud believes that the most helpful steps we can take are to:

Daoud will update you about the outcome of the May re-registration session with the Israeli Civil Administration. 

We appreciate each of you on the Nassars’ journey of faith, love, and hope!

Friends of Tent of Nations Steering Committee, https://www.fotonna.org